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Welcome to Western Aviation – World Certified Aircraft, Helicopters, and Jet Appraisals

Welcome to Western Aviation! We are a world leader in aircraft appraisals, aircraft sales, jet sales, helicopter sales and aircraft charter services.

At Western Aviation, we specialize in jet charters, jet leasingand private charter jet appraisals. We offer instant competitive quotes for charter jet prices and aircraft options for your next domestic or international flight.

We offer our clients affordable rates and the freedom to choose their next charter aircraft Western Aviation’s pioneered the “sales options” of corporate and private jets with shared ownership, charters sales of aircraft and full service aircraft marketing.  Click here to read why our jet charters are better than commercial.

Helicopters & Jets for Sale

Aircraft Appraisals

Are you ready to sell your plane, but are not sure what your aircraft is worth? Western Aviation is a leader in aircraft appraisals and can help you get the most out of your private aircraft sale. The private plane sales market can be tricky to navigate and it is all too easy to let your plane go for less than it is worth – or, on the flip side, to mistakenly list your plane far too high and have it sit on the market, unsold. Aircraft appraisals & Helicopter appraisals by Western Aviation’s highly-skilled and experienced professionals are the first step you need to take before listing your plane. We bring more than 25 years of experience in General Aviation to the table. We understand the market – and know the selling value of your aircraft.

Aircraft appraisals are also useful when you’re looking to get out of an aircraft partnership, refinancing your aircraft or if you want to purchase an aircraft but are unsure of its true worth. Western Aviation offers desktop or in-person aircraft appraisals anywhere in the world. Our aircraft appraiser is Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice endorsed, which ensures an adherence to the highest standards and practices in the appraisal industry.

International Aviation Expertise

At Western Aviation, we understand the importance of being a global company and we work with clients from across the globe, importing and exporting aircrafts internationally. We work to seamlessly facilitate the entire import and export process and have the skill and expertise required to make easy business transactions, despite the barriers presented by international sales.  Western Aviation coordinates the entire process, from aircraft registration and de-registration to any legal issues that arise in international transactions. We also handle any inspections required by the government, maintenance organizations or the bank.

We Also Sell Jets, Helicopters, And Other Aircrafts

Jets for Sale

The decision to buy a jet is an important one. It’s not only a serious financial investment, but also an investment in your personal safety. Western Aviation features only the finest jets for sale. That means our jets for sale are held to our rigorous standards for safety, performance and appearance before we even put them on the market for our customers. We take the time to sit down with each client, so they are well-educated, well-informed and feel completely comfortable with their purchase. It’s a much higher level of communication and care required than buying a vehicle – and at Western Aviation, we are consummate professionals in the aviation sales field. In jet sales, it is crucial that your decisions are based on qualified information and proven expertise. At Western Aviation, we have the in-depth understanding of the jet sales market, industry experience, and consistently high quality of service required to guide you through this important process.


Finding a Plane/Helicopter for Sale

The world of aircraft sales can seem overwhelming and confusing. Where do you start? Let’s make it easy: Start with us. At Western Aviation, we make finding a plane for sale an enjoyable, educational and stress-free experience. Our staff has the knowledge and the expertise to help clients feel completely informed about their decision and comfortable with the buying process. We begin by assessing your needs and intended usage. This will help you understand the type of aircraft for sale that you should be looking for. We aren’t pushy – we gently guide you through the purchase process to ensure that you get an aircraft that looks and performs exactly the way you need it to. Of course, we allow you the freedom to choose the specific private plane model you want, but our clients have come to appreciate our educated and straight-forward advice during the sales process. Finding a plane for sale or helicopter for sale no longer seems confusing or overwhelming when you are working with the pros at Western Aviation.

Plane Appraisals & Sales: Houston

Texas is a major market for private planes for sale. Houston has become a hub for motivated buyers and sellers and it’s where Western Aviation is proud to do business. Western Aviation operates world-wide, but we are happy to call Texas our home. If you would like to request a private consultation or speak to us directly in our Houston home, please contact us HERE and we will be happy to schedule a consultation. We have built our business on our reputation and our relationships with our clients. We’re excited and honored to help you on your journey in appraising, buying, or selling your aircraft, or with any of your private charter service needs.


Private Jets for Sale

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Aircraft for Charter

With Western Aviation Charter, you have the freedom to choose the specific private plane model you want for each air charter trip.

We provide Sr. Certified USPAP Endorsed Appraisals for all Aircraft and Helicopters