Western Aviation, a dynamic leader in the aircraft management industry, who not only facilitates jet aircraft sales, charters, and appraisals; but also matches elite clients with the best helicopters for sale as well.   Western aviation is a world leader in aircraft sales, who also brings a serious wealth of knowledge and bank of resources to their sales of helicopters.

The team of experts at Western Aviation can identify the correct helicopter to suit your purpose, and procure the aircraft at the most advantageous price point.  Western Aviation has taken a revolutionary approach over more than a decade of service, to assist their clients in making the best choices.  Among helicopters for sale in the marketplace today, Western Aviation has eliminated traditional barriers and leveraged savvy use of the Internet, enabling them to bring superior value and service to their global clients in search of helicopters for sale.

‘Straight-Up’ with Helicopters

Western Aviation understands that helicopters are a special niche in the field of aviation, and their helicopter management is second to none.  Unlike a fixed – wing aircraft, a helicopter is capable of direct, vertical take-off and landing, and can hover in a fixed position.  These attributes make it a uniquely capable aircraft for specific purposes and specific situations; and very much in demand.

  • Corporate and charitable events
  • Rescue and emergency transport
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Deliver personnel and supplies to oil rigs
  • Film movies and take aerial photographs
  • Dust crops
  • Mapping
  • Scenic and travel flights
  • Power line patrol
  • Military and intelligence applications

Western Aviation has The Best Helicopter for The Job

As further testimony to their reputation for integrity and expertise in the field of aircraft management, Western Aviation is proud to be one of the few industry companies in the world to be certified as Sr. Certified Aircraft/Helicopter Appraisers for the National Aircraft Appraisers Association, NAAA.   Combining that knowledge with the resources they posses in expediting aviation documents, and government and insurance regulation requirements, makes for a powerful partner when it comes to helicopter sales and appraisals.  You can be assured that you’re in qualified hands no matter the choice.

  •  Sikorsky
  •  Bell Helicopters
  • MD Helicopters
  •  Airbus/Euro-helicopters
  • Agusta Helicopters
  • Schweizer Helicopters

Review our website today, and then contact Western Aviation to speak with a consultant about our helicopters for sale, or how we can help you with a helicopter appraisal.  You won’t be disappointed because Western Aviation is the premier aircraft management company that can best facilitate your helicopter purchase, taking you from ground level straight up to the limitless sky.