Aircraft & Private Jet Charter

There’s a reason traveling by a private jet charter is the transportation method of choice for celebrities, athletes and top business executives – there is nothing that can compare to the ease, flexibility, security and luxury that these charters provides. In today’s global economy, air travel is a necessity – both for business and pleasure. But commercial air travel is a stressful, lengthy, inconvenient and frustrating experience. Increased security measures have added hours to the travel experience and commercial air travel offers very little in terms of scheduling convenience or privacy. These key elements can only be found in private air travel.

Private Jet Charter: The Ultimate in Luxury

It’s a fact: commercial airlines simply cannot compare to the convenience and the luxury that a private aircraft charter offers. With a commercial flight, you are at the mercy of the airline’s strict schedule and can only offer a very limited amount of flights per day. That means having to fit your schedule around their schedule. A private charter works around your schedule and your timeline. Even if you’re running late, the plane will remain on the tarmac until you arrive. Imagine that happening on a commercial flight! In addition to providing the ultimate in convenience, a private charter flight offers incomparable luxury. Spacious cabins, top-of-the-line furnishings, state-of-the-art technology and a world-class crew are all a part of the charter airline experience.  This is only way to experience flying.

Save Time and Maximize Your Schedule

Commercial flights take so much time out of your busy schedule. Consider all the hours it takes to schedule flights that work for everyone’s travel needs, fighting traffic to the airport, checking in and let’s not even start with the massive security lines and endless checkpoints. Also, there is this fact to consider: commercial airlines generally only fly out of 300 airports around the world. Charter flights land at more than 7,000 airports – so you have thousands of options when it comes to booking a private aircraft charter flight. Another huge bonus? Absolutely no layovers, which can add almost a day to your travel. Charter flights mean no looking for parking, checking luggage, long security lines, walking from airport terminal to another, dealing with overbooked or delayed flights and no long layovers. Once you arrive at your destination, there is no waiting to deplane, no sitting around waiting for luggage or navigating another gigantic airport.

Aircraft Charter: Privacy and Personal Space

The term “business class” is a little misleading. There’s not much business that can be conducted, even in first class. Sure, you can check emails or polish up a presentation, but conducting a meeting or speaking with business partners is out of the question. There is little chance for discretion. As for personal flights, a charter plane offers you the ultimate luxury: total privacy. That means you can completely relax and enjoy only the company of those you’re choosing to travel with. The only thing on your mind should be what you’ll do upon arrival at your vacation destination. Once you experience the true pleasure of flying on a private charter plane, you’ll never want to go back to flying commercial again.

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