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Posted on September 16, 2015 under Aircraft Sales

Best Airports for Charter/Private Jets in Houston

When you’re looking for planes for sale in Houston, the next logical concern is where the best airports for private or charter jets are in the area. Fortunately, Houston has several airports. The amenities available at each vary, but any will do for getting into or out of Houston. Houston area airports that work with aircraft charters or private jets include:

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Not much needs to be said about the George Bush airport. It’s the main airport serving the Greater Houston area. It’s conveniently located, just a quick drive to the downtown area and you can easily secure rental car, taxi or limo service from it. It’s one of the busiest airports in the country. That means you can get pretty much any service you can get at any airport. It also means that you’ll generally have to wait more on their scheduling and you’ll have to deal with the hassles inherent to busy airports.

Houston Hobby Airport

Hobby Airport handles mostly low budget airlines. Given that and the fact that much of its former business is now routed to George Bush Airport, you’d think that the amenities and service would be subpar.

But if you do think that, you’d be wrong. In addition to handling low budget airlines, Hobby Airport is a very popular airport for charter jet and executive jet travel. It’s also closer to downtown Houston than George Bush Airport. If you’re looking for planes for sale, Houston, and for an airport that’s ideal to come and go to Houston from, you could certainly do worse than Hobby. Hobby is regularly among the top small airports in the country in terms of customer satisfaction.

David Wayne Hooks Airport

Hooks is a privately owned airport. The on-site restaurant, Aviator’s Grill, is decent if you’re looking for a cheeseburger or similar bar-fare. It’s easy enough to get limo or rental car service. There’s a B-17 – “Texas Raiders” in one of the hangars that’s worth seeing once.

Hooks is a busy airport – one of the busiest general airports in the country and, in fact, the busiest in Texas. It’s one of the smaller airports, with just two runways, but it also has a seaplane landing area. If you’re learning to fly personally, Hooks is a good option, as several flight schools are run from the airport.

Sugar Land Regional Airport

Owned by the city of Sugar Land, this is one of the more aesthetically pleasing airports around, and is beautifully landscaped. It sees a lot of use for executive flights, including flights for plenty of Fortune 500 companies. It is commonly used for business jet charters into and out of the Houston area. It is conveniently located and handles both jet and prop plane traffic.

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