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Ready to sell your plane? Mulling over a helicopter purchase? Not sure what the aircraft is worth? What about the value of your airport, FBO, MRO, Parts Company, Charter Company or any aviation related enterprise?


An aviation appraisal completed by Western Aviation determines the appropriate value of the aircraft, aviation related real-estate or aviation business and helps you make the most out of your most asset. Our certified aviation appraisals are endorsed by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which ensures an adherence to the highest standards and practices in the appraisal industry. Aviation appraisals are the first step you need to take before making that purchase or listing your aircraft or aviation asset for sale.


The private aircraft sales market can be turbulent and tricky to navigate, which makes it all too easy to let your plane go for much less than it’s worth. On the flip side, too many mistakenly list their aircraft at too high a price, only to have it sit on the market unsold. Trust that our Level Two Certified Aircraft Appraiser will determine the appropriate value of the aircraft, and help you make the most out of your private aircraft sale or purchase. Aircraft appraisals are also useful when you’re looking to get out of an aircraft partnership, refinancing your aircraft or if you want to purchase an aircraft but are unsure of its true worth. Western Aviation is a worldwide leader in aircraft appraisals, offering desktop or in-person aircraft appraisals anywhere in the world.


David Fisher of Western Aviation is the consummate professional in everything he does from aircraft/helicopter sales to aircraft/helicopter charter and specifically appraisals. David Fisher’s appraisals are detailed and professionally constructed. David knows his way around an aircraft and helicopter and the logbooks. I would use his services without hesitation.
– A. Latiff

As the prior CFO at Epic Energy Resources, David Fisher was very helpful at working to help us sell a Citation in a very challenging market. I recommend Dave for his appraisal services and skills and knowledge of the aircraft industry. Fave is very aggressive and served us very well.

– Michael Kinney, CPA


Western Aviation took on the challenge of selling our Starship and was successful in making the sale. They managed all the advertising, client inquires, worked well with our Management Company and Maintenance Company to bring the transaction to a satisfactory conclusion. On two separate occasions David Fisher appeared in person to demo our aircraft, insuring that we had qualified buyers and minimized our involvement. Western Aviation and specifically, David Fisher handled our transaction with the utmost professionalism and were constantly in communication with myself and my staff. We would certainly consider Western Aviation for meeting our future needs.

– S.S. Huntington Beach, CA

Buying an airplane always presents a few challenges and dealing with the right broker can make the difference in success or failure. The purchase of my 501SP turned into a lengthy process when confronted with inspection difficulties and a foreign seller. David Fisher and his team went to work at each road block to clear the way so that the process could continue toward closing. In the end, I believe both the seller and buyer got what they wanted, and felt that a fair deal was struck. I’ve never been involved in an airplane transaction that proved to be this complicated. Western did a fantastic job in sorting it all out and securing the sale. G.S.

– Flowood, MS

Western Aviation did a fantastic job in securing the sale of our aircraft and acted professionally and fairly on behalf of both the seller and the purchaser. They had a realistic perspective of the transaction and all parties were satisfied with the result.

– E Sullivan, London

David, as you’re already aware, I’ve been buying and selling aircraft for a number of years, over 50 aircraft at last count. In these numerous transactions, I have delt with some of the biggest names in the aircraft brokerage business. Now that we’ve completed several transactions with you, in both the buyer and seller position, dealing with you and your people has always been a pleasure. The thing that has always impressed me with your company is the level of enthusiasm and professionalism that your entire organization puts forth in getting a deal done. I’m happy to tell you that your company gives a level of service not commonly found in the aircraft brokerage business. It‘s a refreshing change. Thanks again.

– J.L Wilkes Barrea, PA

In Reference to the development on such business, I will like to give you my point of view. It helped us a lot the fast feedback from your company on the aircraft chosen for us, so I can be sure that I’m counting on you for a near future business we might be involved. The personal touch with Mr. Fisher was a great help in the aircraft acceptance and his willing to deal with the customer on any last request from our side. More over, I learned what kind of company Western Aviation is and the team that support such a fast and good response as you have all the answers handy, giving the idea of a very professional and dedicated company to meet its goals. Thank you for your all around support and follow up.

– E .G. Toluca Mexico

Thank you very much for the productive handling of the sale of 284DB. You took it on and did as you said you would. I appreciate your effective workings. Job well done.

– B. R. Sarasota, FL

I have worked with David Fisher for several years. He represented me and recently sold my aircraft. He worked hard to do this and was always very informative and timely in his dealings with me. I considered him a fine business man with outstanding knowledge in the aircraft felid and would recommend him highly.

– R.K. Lincolnshire, IL



Our most popular and cost-effective aviation appraisal, the desktop appraisal does not require the appraiser to view the physical asset. The desktop valuation is based on a complete description of the asset, pictures of the entire aircraft and detailed specifications and maintenance information provided by the owner.


An onsite aircraft appraisal includes a physical inspection (and often asset verification) of the aircraft by our Sr. Certified Aviation Appraiser, detailed photography of the entire aircraft as well as an in-depth review of the logbooks and photography. Commonly this includes asset verification which most lenders require.

Contact us at 1.800-AVIATION or +1-281-391-2510 today! Our ASA (American Society of Appraisers) Sr. Certified Aviation Appraiser will establish an accurate dollar value for your aviation asset.

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