Aviation Consulting

Our team

Our team of aviation consultants around the world have the most extensive aviation insight the market has to offer. Comprising some of the industry’s leading experts, the Western Aviation Consultancy team includes both NAAA and ASA certified appraisers, experts in accidents and economists. Our team has a global view of all areas of the market, bringing you the essential context of changes in the market and the opportunities and risks for you.

Our experience

For over five decades our team has delivered thousands of independent and trusted valuations and reports each year to help companies make the right decisions to drive profitable performance. The market voted us appraiser of the year for 4 of the last 5 years.

Our methodology

Our unique, sophisticated modelling underpins our views on the market which help support our opinion on aircraft valuations, fleet growth forecast and asset ratings. Our internal opinion is benchmarked on a continuous basis, providing you with the industry’s most reliable data. Our unique data, expert team and robust methodology provide you with an independent and trusted view.

Our data

Our incomparable database containing over 45 million pieces of historical and present data on valuations, fleets, assets and aircraft, offers you the most complete and trusted advice. Our unbroken run of data gives you and the team the reliable context to make decisions today and plan for the future.

Our scope of work

Our scope of work includes
Airport Consulting
Aircraft Parts Company Consulting
Private Jet Charter Company Consulting
Aircraft Maintenance Business Consulting


Charter Consulting (FAR Part 135)
RVSM Consulting
Flight Department set up and ongoing management
Aviation – Aircraft (Fixed Wing and Helicopter Evaluation) determine type, make model, age and historical data of aircraft.
Assist in selection of Aircraft based on needs analysis
Assist in acquisition of aircraft (new or used)

Our Compensation

Our aviation consultants are not paid a commission… we are paid on an hourly, daily or assignment basis.
We are not driven by the price you pay.
We are focused on our customer’s needs.
As a consultant, we do what we are hired to do and are not influenced by price.