Benefits of Jet Charters

Posted on August 10, 2015 under General, Jets for Sale

What are the big advantages of jet charters over flying commercially? There are several – some of them more obvious than others. And while we would certainly never discourage you from looking into jet sales, there are plenty of people for whom jet charters make more sense than looking into a plane for sale, too.

Western Aviation offers a variety of attractive jet charters to accommodate a wide array of needs and budgets. Individuals, businesses, corporations or any number of other types of groups can benefit from using a private jet charter instead of flying commercially – including many businesses and groups that either don’t need their own plane full time or whose budgets won’t allow them to look into jet sales yet.

No Need to Wait on Someone Else’s Schedule

You know the deal. You need to travel or to send one of your reps somewhere, so the first thing you do is have your secretary check the available flights. Usually, there’s one that will work, but if not, you have to adjust your plans to accommodate airline schedules. Even if there is a flight scheduled when you need it, we all know that the flight actually leaving and arriving on time can be a crap shoot – to say nothing of the possibility that your baggage could end up in the wrong place. We’ve all dealt with those headaches when flying commercially, but you don’t have to.

Western Aviation’s aircraft charters put you back in greater control of your schedule. Our jet charters will be there when you need them to be. With a private charter jet, you get to call the shots. Our jets can often use private airstrips, allowing us greater flexibility in scheduling your departure and arrival times – to say nothing of the fact that the accommodations are generally much better. There are, quite literally, thousands of additional airstrips we can use to make sure you get where you’re going on time.

A Jet Charter to Meet Your Needs

Need to fly one person overseas? No problem. Need a jet charter for a team of ten? Also not a problem. Need larger aircraft charters? Using jet charters – as opposed to buying a plane for sale – gives you the flexibility of paying for the use of the aircraft you need when you need it. It allows you to use different aircraft for different purposes rather than buying a single aircraft and having to make it work for all of your flights.

You Haven’t Experienced First Class until You’ve Chartered a Jet

Travelling first class on commercial airlines is admittedly better than flying business class or coach, but you haven’t experienced true first class travel until you’ve experienced the comfort of fling on Western Aviation’s jet charters. From takeoff to landing, the service is simply without equal in commercial flying. Our aircraft charters are clean, comfortable and afford you the peace of mind of knowing you have an experienced pilot who will get you where you’re going.

Forget waiting in airport lines. With jet charters, you’re in and out, without wasting valuable time. Additionally, when you take a Western Aviation aircraft charter, you have access to:

  • Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment, including movies or music of choice
  • Amenities needed to hold meetings while in flight (to say nothing of the privacy to do so)

Don’t want to stay seated? You don’t have to. It’s a private charter jet. Except for takeoffs and landings, you’re free to get up and move around as much as you need to.