Charter an Aircraft and Say Good-Bye to the Pains of Airline Travel

Posted on November 4, 2013 under Aircraft Sales

We’ve all heard how safe flying in an airplane can be but, unfortunately, we also know how much of a nightmare dealing with airports can be. From flight delays, to horrific layovers, to lost baggage, even to screaming babies; the nuisance of traditional flying can be significantly overwhelming. At Western Aviation, we’ve been there. We’ve been stuck in a stuffy, crowded, busy airport with our head in our shaking hands cursing one airline or another. This is just one of the many reasons we specialize in the ability to offer you an aircraft for charter.

How we make your trip one to remember

Chartering your own flight eliminates so much unnecessary stress and hectic chaos. When you charter your own aircraft, you’re able to utilize a significantly higher amount of airports and airstrips than you would with a private airline. This allows you to literally and figuratively hop over from one destination to the next without layovers. When you choose an aircraft for charter, the flight is simply from point A to B.

An image showing the inside of an aircraft for charter

With an aircraft for charter, you’re also in charge of who’s flying with you. So forget the screaming baby, the guy snoring like a wood chipper a few rows back, and definitely forget about gruesomely stuffing your belongings into some ineffective overhead compartment or into that miniscule space beneath a seat. No, with a chartered plane, you’ll get all the privacy and space you could ask for.

An image showing a gulfstream 100 flying

As a matter of fact, when you reserve an aircraft for charter, you can forget about every horrid airport and airline related story you’ve ever heard. Ever had trouble parking? Forget it. Running late? Forget it. Waiting in an endless line? Forget it. Go ahead and forget all your preconceived notions about air travel and let Western Aviation work for you.

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