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Western Aviation is an industry leader in jet ownership alternative: we provide access to a network of the highest rated operators, aircraft and crew to deliver quality and reliability without the costly memberships and commitments associated with fractional or full ownership. Western Aviation provides peace of mind by minimizing your exposures and costs while increasing your margin of safety and the quality of your experience.


A private jet charter means just that, private, plus confidential, for you and your invited guests. Work and hold meetings if needed. You’re in control of your in-air experience, something that only private jet charter service can offer. At Western Aviation, we are here to facilitate your charter aircraft booking. Of course, if you’re not sure which aircraft is best suited for you charter flight, we are here to help you make that decision. Arrange a personal consultation today. Your next charter aircraft flight will be your best, with Western Aviation.

Why Charter?

Charter flights offer conveniences and luxuries that traditional airlines simply cannot offer.  There are no schedule restrictions, no long waits in security, or excessive layovers.  Private charter also offers a totally customizable trip, from the type & size of aircraft, all the way down to the catering and ground transportation upon landing.  Charter also offers executives the privacy and discretion necessary to be productive while in flight.  

Western Aviation is one of the leading charter brokers in the world.

Western Aviation is a service based aviation company.  WE learn the likes, needs, and priorities of our clients.  Western Aviation provides elite charter service to some of the most discerning clientele worldwide.  Our experienced staff is available 24/7/365 to meet all your private charter needs.  


With Western Aviation’s private aviation (aircraft & helicopters) charters, you have the freedom to choose the specific private plane or helicopter model you want for each air charter trip. But that’s only the beginning. Besides being able to select between Turbo-Prop, Light, Mid, Super-Mid, and Heavy aircraft classifications, there are a regalia of amenities inside the ride to enhance your travel experience as well. We at Western Aviation offer full service catering and entertainment. Depending upon the type of aircraft that you charter, once aboard you and your guests can conduct meetings, enjoy fine meals, entertain employees and clients, watch movies, listen to music, and of course many have TV and Wi-Fi access. At Western Aviation, we also know the benefits of your ground experience as well, and arrange limo service upon request.


All crews used on our charters are vetted through Aviation Research Group’s (ARGUS) database, which allows us to confirm the safety & performance of the crew members who are assigned to your flight.  All operators are certified and compliant with all FAA requirements.  

Dedicated Charter Representative

Each charter flight is assigned a dedicated representative who will be in contact for the duration of the charter and will be available 24/7 via phone and email.


There’s a reason traveling by a private aviation charter is the transportation method of choice for celebrities, athletes and top business executives – there is nothing that can compare to the ease, flexibility, security and luxury that these charters provide. In today’s global economy, air travel is a necessity – both for business and pleasure. But commercial air travel is a stressful, lengthy, inconvenient and frustrating experience. Increased security measures have added hours to the travel experience and commercial air travel offers very little in terms of scheduling convenience or privacy. These key elements can only be found in private air travel.

Quotes Available 24/7

Quotes are turned around within hours whenever possible.  Our dedicated team of professionals shop the entire market for the best prices based on client needs.  

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