Common Factors Aircraft Appraisers Consider

Posted on August 18, 2017 under Aircraft Sales, General

People often wonder what exactly aircraft and helicopter appraisers actually look for when performing their analyses. Aircraft and helicopter evaluations are performed to determine the fair market value at the current moment in time. They also highlight current problems with aircraft as well as potential trouble sites. In some instances, this assessment is performed on an aircraft that is to be renovated or modified. In other instances, the assessment is performed as a proactive measure to protect against taxes. Some aircraft enthusiasts have the assessment performed to distinguish the aircraft from others for sale.

The relatively small amount of money required to perform an aircraft appraisal can pay off enormously by helping buyers select an aircraft that is in tip-top shape. The actual appraisal process examines the same common factors regardless of the underlying motivation for such an assessment. Let’s take a look at what appraisers consider when evaluating planes, jets and helicopters.


A Brief Look at the Types of Aircraft Appraisals

Most appraisers offer a couple different types of appraisals. An on-site appraisal report consists of a physical inspection of the plane or helicopter. A thorough review of the aircraft’s log books is conducted. Photography is also included. A desktop appraisal is another popular and affordable option. It is performed based on the pictures, description and specifications provided by the aircraft’s owner. It does not include an in-person viewing of the plane, jet or helicopter.


The Details of the Aircraft Inspection

Aircraft appraisals must be conducted in full compliance with federal, state and local regulations as well as recommended industry-wide guidelines and standards. The aircraft appraiser inspects the interior and exterior of the craft. He asks questions about the aircraft, scrutinizes the log books, checks the history and analyzes the craft’s maintenance records. Aircraft appraisers also have access to important computer data pertaining to the aircraft in question. Finally, these professionals review the aircraft’s maintenance documentation.


Establishing the Aircraft’s Value

Certified aircraft appraisers establish the current dollar value of helicopters, planes and jets. This value determination is the most important component of the appraisal process. It is performed following the inspection of the aircraft as outlined above. The best aircraft appraisers have appraised a wide variety of commercial and corporate helicopter, plane and jet models and makes. These experienced professionals are capable of providing an accurate appraisal to ensure buyers and sellers receive fair value.


Only Partner With the Industry’s Elite Aircraft Appraisers

No two aircraft appraisers are equal. The industry’s leading appraisers sweat all the subtleties of the aircraft in question. The company you ally with for your aircraft appraisal should have the expertise necessary to handle the appraisal of numerous different helicopters, planes and jets. The best of the best have experience appraising entire aircraft fleets as well as individual engines and parts. The bottom line is that aircraft appraisal is an extremely important endeavor. It is a highly complex and detail-intensive challenge that requires the trained eye of a proven industry veteran.