Helicopter Appraisals

Offering Desktop or In-Person Appraisals Anywhere in the World 

Western Aviation, world leader in aircraft charter, sales and appraisals, is certified to appraise helicopters by the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA). The NAAA is the trade association for professional aircraft appraisers, and since 1980 they have established the standards and Code of Ethics for professional aircraft appraisers. Western Aviation is proud to be one of the few industry companies in the world that is Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice certified, which is required by the Federal Government and most lenders as well. When it comes to aircraft appraisals, Western Aviation has impeccable credentials.


Western Aviation Appraisers are USPAP Endorsed


The Helicopter Appraisals Process

Western Aviation offers two different types of helicopter appraisals, each backed by Western Aviation’s sterling promise to deliver prompt, accurate helicopter appraisals at a reasonable price, plus a Level Two Certified Aircraft Appraiser will establish an accurate dollar value for your helicopter.

  • Desktop Appraisal – This is the most popular and cost effective helicopter appraisal offered. This helicopter appraisal is based on the description, pictures and specifications provided by the owner and it does not include actual viewing of the helicopter.
  • Onsite Appraisal Report – This helicopter appraisal includes a physical inspection of the aircraft, in-depth review of the logbooks and photography.

After the helicopter inspection, including a review of the helicopter maintenance documentation is complete; the task of establishing the helicopter’s value begins. Remember that the purpose of a helicopter appraisal is to determine its value. A helicopter appraisal is not a mechanical inspection in order to evaluate repairs. Western Aviation follows all the standards set by the NAAA for all of its helicopter appraisals.


Trust Western Aviation for Helicopter Appraisals

Western Aviation is one of the longest standing, most capable helicopter appraisers and aircraft appraisers in the industry. They have competently appraised almost every make and model of corporate and commercial helicopter and aircraft. Western Aviation has appraised fleets of aircraft, part and engines, as well as a myriad of helicopter appraisals.

With over 25 years of general aviation and aeronautical experience, Western Aviation has the expertise to handle any and all helicopter appraisals. You will want to partner with an aircraft sales and appraisal company with this level of knowledge and know-how. With an appraisal as important and complex as a helicopter appraisal, you can rely on Western Aviation’s sterling reputation.

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Western Aviation promises a prompt, accurate helicopter appraisal at a reasonable price