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Posted on January 27, 2015 under Aircraft Sales

A private jet charter service can provide many benefits for busy travelers and executives looking to save time, avoid commercial travel nightmares and enjoy a comfortable, safe and efficient luxury flight experience.  Chartering a private jet is an excellent choice for travelers and executives who want to travel in style and convenience, without risking their safety or sacrificing convenience. Here are some of the top benefits of using a jet charter service:

A Jet Charter is Efficient

Commercial flight travelers are at the mercy of the airlines. That means, you have to follow their schedule, their rules and deals with their delays. Commercial airlines have frequent flight cancellations, delays and long lines for check-in, baggage and security. If you are running late, you miss your flight. If you have to change any details of your trip, you lose out on hundreds or thousands of dollars to reschedule. For busy executives and individual travelers, there is nothing that can compare to a charter jet service.

Convenient Airport Access and Flexibility

Unlike commercial flights, a private jet charter gives you access to thousands of airports, with many located conveniently near you or your arrival destination. Commercial flights only operate out of a few major airports in each state – and that means you have to travel to those major metropolitan airports and battle large crowds and traffic. When it comes to business travel, there is simply no comparison to the amount of time saved and the convenience that you get from a private jet charter. There’s also a wide range of flexibility – you create your own travel schedule and are not at the mercy of commercial flight scheduling. That means if you need to take off on a Thursday at noon, you can do it.

Secure Flights without Security Nightmares

Because of increased security requirements, commercial travel has become cumbersome, time-consuming and much too personal for most elite travelers. Think long lines (some lasting several hours) to get through security checkpoints, stressful paperwork and highly invasive security procedures, such as x-rays, pat-downs and removing coats and shoes. Though these security checkpoints are necessary in the post 9/11 world, they are not pleasant and can really cause issues and delays with travel. With a private charter jet, there are no long lines or hassles and delays. You show up and board your private flight, secure in the fact that your pilots and crew are all certified, experienced and will adhere to the very highest of safety and security standards.

Jet Charters Offer True Privacy

First class cabins might offer a little more room and some luxury amenities, but when it comes to privacy – forget about it. There is no true privacy on commercial flights and for travelers and executives that require privacy or anonymity while traveling, only a private charter jet can truly provide it. On a jet charter, there is no worry about who is watching or listening to you. A charter jet flight offers sheer relaxation and an environment that is safe, secure and totally private.

Conduct Business While You Travel

Even if you fly business class, we don’t have to tell you that it is difficult to conduct business – especially if you need to consult with other key team members. Private travel on a jet charter allows you the privacy and space needed to conduct important business, run a conference call or even hold an in-person meeting while in the air.

Western Aviation is a world leader in jet charter services and jet sales and works with the most elite clients worldwide to provide top-notch jet charters. We’ll work with you to meet your exacting needs. Western Aviation also provides jets for sale and aircraft appraisals. To learn more about the jet charter services provided by Western Aviation, visit our website and schedule a consultation with our jet sales experts today.

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