Jets For Sale

Buying A Jet for Sale Through Western Aviation

Buying a jet for sale is a serious financial investment as well as an investment in your personal safety; and therefore an important decision. Western Aviation features only the finest jets for sale.  The team at Western Aviation closely assists their clients with every facet of purchasing a jet.private jet sales

  • Time spent educating and informing each client prior to purchase
  • Jets for sale are held to rigorous safety, performance, and appearance standards
  • In-depth understanding of the jet sales market
  • Long-term industry experience and proven expertise
  • Highest quality customer service


Western Aviation Finds The Right Jets For Sale

Western Aviation is a global company that assists clients from across the globe, with their fingertips on every aspect of procurement.  They will make finding a jet educational, enjoyable and as stress free as this complex process can be.

  • Assess your needs and usage
  • Recommend the jet that best fits your specific requirements
  • Specific private plane models are made available to you
  • Seamlessly facilitate the import and export process
  • Coordinates registration, government inspections, maintenance, and banking

Contact Western Aviation and partner with them as you begin your search for jets for sale.  You won’t be disappointed, you’ll be reassured that you’re in the best hands possible in the modern world of private jet ownership. Let that world know that you’ve arrived in luxury and style.  You’ll have the contracts to prove it when your jet lands.

Jets For Sale


Warren Buffet has something in common with Tom Cruise; they both own their own private jets. Corporate jets, and privately owned personal jet sales are up, and suffice it to say that the jet remains an ultimate status symbol.  For entrepreneurs and business people in all industries the private jet signals that you have arrived. Once you actually own a jet, the next best thing is customizing it to your exact specifications.  The good news to keep in mind is, you don’t have to be a mega millionaire to buy a jet, the price of jets for sale begin as low as $500,000.  Western Aviation can find a wide range of used jets for sale.

Jets For Sale – Western Aviation Guides Your Way

Private jets utilize a web of over 5,000 airports around the United States, while commercial airlines have access to only about 550 airports.  Not only are you able to chose from more convenient hubs for your air travel, but you’ll avoid long security lines and any other inconveniences along the way. Owning that jet gives you complete control over the travel experience including time efficiency as well as comfort. We know you’ll love owning a jet, but first you must purchase one.

Western Aviation is a leader in  the aviation industry since its founding at the turn of the millennium. When you’re searching for jets for sale, stop your search with Western Aviation, who guides their clients in ways unsurpassed by the rest of the industry. As a world leader in jet aircraft sales they have leveraging abilities that work on your behalf when purchasing a private jet.