Why Private Jet Charters are Better Than Commercial Airline Flights: 5 Reasons

Western Aviation understands that modern consumers want choice when it comes to methods of transportation, with comfort and overall flying experience weighing heavily in their decision to fly private jet charters versus flying commercial. Western Aviation, a world leader in jet charters, jet leasing, and aircraft sales and appraisals offers their clients affordable rates and the freedom to select their private charter jet. Western Aviation’s superior aircraft management style can customize your jet charter booking to meet your specific requirements.


Five Reasons to fly Jet Charters by Western Aviation

The team at Western Aviation is aware of all of the pitfalls of commercial airline flights and has designed their charter aircraft business model so that their valued clients can avoid all the hazards of flying commercial.

Time: Jet charters save enormous amounts of time. You’re not stuck in busy airport traffic hubs, you don’t have to arrive hours before you board, you’re less likely to suffer flight cancelations, and there’s no time wasted in airport security lines.

Comfort: The amenities on commercial flights cannot compete with the luxury offered by Western Aviation. Their jet charters are complete with catering and entertainment, sumptuous seating, Wi-Fi, TV, movies, and music, and the ability to get up at will and stretch your legs.

Privacy: Jet charters offer all passengers the utmost in privacy from the time they leave their residence until they board their jet charter flight, unlike the public exposure at a commercial airport. And once on board a jet charter flight, you can conduct business in complete privacy, or just rest and relax in solitude.

Convenience: Jet charter flights allow you to make multiple site visits to even remote locations, without the inconvenience of switching commercial planes and coordinating their conflicting time schedules.

Control: You are in complete control of your flight experience during a jet charter flight. The only people who share your jet charter are your invited guests. Your entire in-air flight experience is customized to suit your specific requirements.


Partner With Western Aviation for Your Jet Charter Flight

President David Fisher, at the helm of Western Aviation, has 25 years of aviation knowledge behind him in order to give you the best jet charter flight experience possible. That executive jet charter experience begins when you have the freedom to choose the specific private jet plane you want for each charter trip. The team at Western Aviation will steward you through the entire jet charter process to your complete satisfaction with their red carpet service from take – off to landing. Once you charter a private jet with Western Aviation, you’ll know first hand why it’s better than flying commercial.

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