Giving You Every Advantage

Buying or selling a corporate aircraft is a major business decision. One that can be complex and if not done correctly, costly. It’s crucial that your decisions are based on qualified information and proven expertise. At Western Aviation, we have the in-depth understanding of the market, industry experience, and consistently high quality of service required to guide you through this important process.

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Selling Aircraft

For clients considering selling their aircraft, we provide advanced marketing methods to connect you with buyers supported by the most qualified sales staff in pre-owned aircraft sales in the world.

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Buying Aircraft

For those looking to acquire an aircraft, we assist you in exploring the factors that determine what type of aircraft is right for you, such as range, passenger capacity, comfort and budget. Then, provide recommended listings of candidates the meet your needs.

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Aircraft Appraisals

Western Aviation has the extensive knowledge in the aircraft marketplace to establish an accurate dollar value for your aircraft. We offer over 15 years of experience in General Aviation and have been called on as an expert witness for aircraft valuation in cases where there is damage and how that affects value.

International Aviation Expertise

At Western Aviation, we work with clients from around the globe, importing and exporting aircraft from every corner of the world. Customers rely on us to facilitate the entire process and provide the expertise needed for a successful transaction. We can coordinate the entire import/export process. From aircraft registration and de-registration to legal issues concerning international transactions, and inspections required by maintenance organizations, government organizations and the banks, we’re with you every step of the way. We do it all to ensure a smooth transition from one party to the next.

Global Connections 24/7

As the leading all-digital, web-centric company in the jet resale industry, Western Aviation uses a powerful set of online tools to better serve you. In fact, only Western Aviation leverages the strengths of 24/7 extranet connectivity, allowing us to access critical decision data day or night. So we can respond faster and more effectively to your needs and take advantage of fast-breaking opportunities.